Mission Statement
"To be an open, loving community
committed to following Jesus Christ.
We seek to live out our mission by:

celebrating in worship,
sharing our gifts,
praying for one another,
inviting and including all others, 
serving others locally and globally."

          Join us for Worship each Sunday at 10:30 am  (July & Aug 10:00 am)

Welcome to St. Mark's!

Worship for Advent & Christmas

Advent I – Sunday, November 27th
Worship & Communion for Hope
9:00 at Lynden, 10:30 at St. Mark’s
(Lunch and Crafts to follow)

Advent II – Sunday, December 4th
Worship for Peace
9:00 at Rock Chapel, 10:30 at St. Mark’s
(Letter-writing for Amnesty to follow)

Advent III – Sunday, December 11th
Worship for Joy
9:00 at Rock Chapel, 10:30 at St. Mark’s
(Bethlehem Café Skit) 

Advent IV – Sunday, December 18th
Worship for Love
9:00 at Lynden, 10:30 at St. Mark’s

Candlelight Service – Sunday, December 18th 
“Make Me a Witness”
7:30pm at Lynden 

Christmas Eve – Saturday, December 24th
Family Services:  5pm at St. Mark’s 
7pm at Rock Chapel
Communion:  10pm at St. Mark’s

Christmas Day – Sunday, December 25th 
“Christingle” Service 
10am at St. Mark’s
(Come in your PJs and Christmas sweaters!)

New Year’s Day – Sunday, January 1st
10am at Lynden 

What's New ...

Storytellin' Man Musical:  Sunday, November 20th!

Advent Craft Lunch: After church, November 27th!

Community Dinner: December 5th, doors open 5:30pm

Bethlehem Cafe:  December 11th at 10:30

Seniors Christmas Communion: December 14, 11am

Candlelight Service: December 18th, 7:30pm, LYNDEN

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Online Sermons:  November 13th added!  More Detail

Upcoming Events ...

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St. Mark's United Church.